About Jones Media

Community Newspapers

Fourteen paid-circulation and free distribution community newspapers in Tennessee and North Carolina.

Marketing Solutions

High Road Digital offers complete digital media and full marketing solutions.

Tourism Publications

Touring Publications LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Jones Media, publishes free distribution travel & tourism guides.

Jones Media is a family-owned business headquartered in Greeneville, Tennessee. With its subsidiaries, Jones Media forms an integrated media enterprise that provides information exchange through community newspapers, specialty publications, travel & tourism guides, brochure distribution, and digital communications solutions.

The Company’s flagship newspapers are The Greeneville Sun, a daily newspaper with total readership of approximately 28,000, and The Daily Times, a daily newspaper in Maryville, TN with total readership of approximately 38,000.

The Company also owns The Daily Post-Athenian, a daily newspaper serving McMinn County, Tennessee with total readership of approximately 19,000. High Country Media is a subsidiary that publishes five community newspapers in Boone, North Carolina and surrounding areas, including The Mountain Times. Touring Publications, based in Sevierville, Tennessee, serves the travel and tourism markets of the southeastern U.S. with its specialty publications, tourism guides, hotel coupon books, brochure distribution and mobile telephone promotional services.

High Road Digital, based in Tri-Cities, delivers comprehensive digital solutions in web presence, social media, marketing and advertising, SEO and reputation management.

Overall, the Company’s operations include fourteen community newspapers and nine travel/tourism guides. In each of its markets, the Company publishes the dominant community newspaper with business histories dating back as far as 1848.

Our History

history-2The Company is a fourth-generation, family-owned business headquartered in Greeneville, Tennessee. In 1916, Mrs. Edith O’Keefe Susong acquired The Greeneville Democrat, and spent the next several years working with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. William Henry O’Keefe, and a small staff to grow that publication to become the dominant newspaper in the Greeneville community. Along the way, The Democrat acquired two rival newspapers; eventually becoming what is known today as The Greeneville Sun. Mrs. Susong was a very active force in the newspaper, and in her local community. She served as publisher of The Greeneville Democrat from 1916 to 1920, publisher of The Greeneville Democrat-Sun from 1920 to 1930, and publisher of The Greeneville Sun from 1930 until her death in 1974. Mrs. Susong (known affectionately as “EOS”), and her mother, Quincy Marshall O’Keefe (“QMO”) are the only mother-daughter team in the Tennessee Newspaper Hall of Fame.

In 1940, Mrs. Susong’s daughter, Arne, married John M. Jones III. After serving in the Pacific Theatre during World War II, Mr. Jones (ret. Lt. Col. U.S. Army) returned to Tennessee in 1945 and agreed to help his mother-in-law with her history-1company on a “temporary” basis. More than sixty years later, Mr. Jones continued to serve on the Company’s board of directors and as the publisher of The Greeneville Sun, a position he assumed in 1974 upon the death of Mrs. Susong. For more than five decades, he led the Company through a period of significant growth, including the acquisitions of most of JMI’s current subsidiaries. Mr. Jones served as the Company’s president until 2001, when he was succeeded by his son, Gregg K. Jones. John M. Jones was a very well known, and widely respected, businessman, not only in his local community, but also at the regional, state and national levels. Among his many accomplishments, Mr. Jones was instrumental in establishing the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation in 1951.

Today, the Company is an integrated media enterprise, and continues to follow the rich heritage of the Jones and Susong families. It is led by the children of John M. and Arne Susong Jones, all of whom serve in very active capacities on the board of directors. In addition to his service as a director, Gregg K. Jones serves as the Company’s chief executive officer (CEO), president, and co-publisher of The Greeneville Sun. John M. Jones IV served as the editor of The Greeneville Sun until his retirement in 2015.

The formation of Jones Media, Inc. (“JMI”) as the corporate parent has enabled the Company to strengthen its strategic planning on both an overall, consolidated level, and for each individual subsidiary. As a result, the Company has engaged in strategic acquisitions, such as various community newspapers in western North Carolina acquired in 2002. Today, these publications comprise High Country Media.

Today, the Company continues to provide information exchange through traditional print media, while simultaneously developing new products and services to meet the needs of readers and advertisers in the digital age.